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KS WOOD is not one machine and mass production, rather a story of age-old handcrafted techniques that provides furniture today and heirlooms for tomorrow. Our furniture starts its life through the adept hands of skilled. Designers carefully details and scales each piece for its special use. The skilled hands representing 40 years of experience, guide the piece until its final completion.

From the early years, Mr Kwan Soo had a vision: Providing quality furnishing with affordable prices. With that goal in mind, business rapidly flourishes. Since 1979, from a boutique workshop that provides quality and affordable furniture, we grew into a sizeable factory for mass-producing all types of furnishing.

We are proud to note that we have added a limited liability company, KWAN SEONG WOOD INDUSTRIES SDN BHD to its growing stable. As years went by, the demand fors KS WOOD products increased steadily forcing us to expand more production line to meet demand. Our kitchen cabinets were the market leaders in Klang.

Meanwhile, we also proceeded to the tackle pool table manufacturing for the export market to great effects. Today, with the increasing demands from both the local and export markets, KWAN SEONG WOOD INDUSTRIES SDN BHD operates from a factory that is 6 times larger than the modest factory we had at the beginning.

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